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1975 was the destiny year, when I discovered my passion to collect toys. It started with some dolls furniture and during the year my collection grew and thus the problem: “Where should I put all my treasures?”

In spring 1985 it was done. A house was found, a house only for dolls, bears and toys: the Loreleyhouse in Heerstraße 41, an old historical fisher house, in which – according to the romance from Julius Wolf “- the Lureley” has lived as foundling of the fisher family Peter Sandrog. The book “the Lureley” from Julius Wolf in original version exists here in the museum. Thanks to the help of some good friends the museum in the Loreleyhouse could be opened after one-year renovation works Easter 1986.

However one year later this house with an exhibition space of 60m² became already too small. Another problem was the annual high water. So I start looking again for a new place and decided in autumn 1987 for the municipal house in Sonnengasse 8, which was built 1750 by the Hessian Captain Johann Heinrich Goedecke. Carried by two-aisle cellar (monastery vault) resulting of the predecessor construction, built on two octagonal late gothic sandstone supports. In the entrance area of the cellar there is a triangular sandstone slab with drafted edge on top of it the epigraph “This house was built by the engineer artillery Captain I – L – Splitdorff A – 1750”. The centre archway leading to Oberstraße, present entrance, indicate on the wedge a heraldry with the figure of a man in a weapon skirt, above the helmet following inscription written: Dominus Providebit (the Lord (God) will maintain and protect it). Occasionally the building was used as schoolhouse, in the remise, the current entrance, horses and coaches were accommodated. Even the fire brigade installed the fire extinguisher house about 1900.